She Restores Wix Website

She Restores Wix Website Development

She Restores had started a website in Wix, however, the owner Wendy wanted some help to make the website more professional and approached me. I helped to integrate the ptminder booking website and added a form to connect with mailchimp. I edited the overall design and UI of the site, improving the navigation and user experience.

As She Restores was a rebrand of an established business they already had a logo and brand, I used the client’s lovely pink and grey colour scheme throughout the site to keep a consistent look and added the fantastic photographs they supplied.

I have been very lucky lately to be working with other mothers in business, it is lovely being able to use my technical and creative skills to help their businesses thrive.

I just wish I had known about Wendy’s post natal fitness class after the birth of my son!


Graphic Design, Web Design and WIX Development


Graphic Design
Website Design
Mailchimp Integration
Booking Integration

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